Supported Employment for People with Disabilities

With Internationally Renowned Expertise QF’s Qatar Career Development Center Trains Practitioners on Supported Employment for People with Disabilities


Doha, Qatar, 03 March, 2023: Qatar Foundation’s Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) successfully conducted the Supported Employment Training Program: Soft Skills from March 5-9, 2023. The program, which aimed at enhancing career guidance services provision for students with mild and moderate learning challenges, was based on adapting international best practices in the field to the local context.

The program was divided into three main pillars: enhancing career guidance provision, promoting an inclusive employment culture, and mobilizing key stakeholders to bring meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, particularly those affected by neurodiverse and cognitive conditions; aggregated into various training modules and workshops.

Professionals from various sectors participated in the program, including school counselors, parents, social partners, industry partners, employers, managers, job coaches, teachers, and family members of neurodiverse youth. 

The program aimed to train participants on various soft skills related to employment, including hidden curriculums, social skills, stress management, self-awareness, self-management, communication, self-regulation, and self-advocacy.

The program was facilitated by two internationally recognized experts in supported employment for people with disabilities, Dr. Stephen Shore, and Dr. Robert Naseef. Dr. Shore, a professor at Adelphi University, specializes in matching best practice to the needs of people with autism. Dr. Naseef, a psychologist with over 30 years of experience, specializes in families of children with disabilities.

Upon the conclusion of the program’s activities, Abdullah Al-Mansoori, Director of QCDC, said, “I am delighted by the success of the Supported Employment Training Program, the turnout and participation were beyond our expectations. We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has equal access to career development opportunities, regardless of any disabilities or cognitive conditions they may have.”

“We are particularly proud of this program that we have put together to enable practitioners and teachers in providing the best possible assistance to people with disabilities. The program provided them with tailored training and support to help them overcome any challenges they may face in reaching out to their students. It also helps us to localize the immense expertise provided by our guests by transferring them to our professionals,” Abdullah added.

At the conclusion of the program, each participant received a certificate of completion that acknowledges their appreciated participation, in addition to copies of all the educational materials provided and covered during classes, to ensure they are able to carry on with this enriching experience and transfer it in turn to their immediate circles, towards the overall improvement of our career guidance and development capabilities.