Career Advising System


A new career advising system by QCDC that is unique, as it provides a tailor-made solution that factors in Qatar’s social and economic conditions. The Career Advising System (CAS) was developed by QCDC in co-operation with Kuder Inc., a world leader in career planning services, and various government entities, for the purpose of integrating specialized IT solutions into the career guidance framework in Qatar.
QCDC rolled out CAS across public secondary schools in Qatar during the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year, in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
CAS features diverse and innovative components as well as psychometric and personality assessment tools to help students identify the most appropriate academic and career paths in line with the future needs of Qatar. Below is a brief of its modules:
Module 1: Learn About Myself – This module familiarizes the user with his/her career interests and values ​​by walking students through two types of assessments: Kuder Career Interests Assessment, and Super’s Work Values Inventory.
Module 2: Exploring Occupations – This module helps the user explore professions that are of interest to him and are consistent with his values, skills and abilities.
Module 3: Plan for Education – This module helps the user determine steps to achieve his/her professional objectives by planning for the right education or training to meet the requirements of a future profession.
Module 4: Plan for Work – This module is designed to prepare the user to engage in the labor market within a reasonable period before he/she graduates and starts actively looking for a job.
Module 5: Find a Career- This module provides assistance to the user during his/her quest for a job by learning about ways to find career openings and begin searching for them.
Module 6: My Portfolio – This electronic portfolio contains all the information that the user has stored while exploring the system, including his/her profile, assessment results, favorite schools and professions, career goals and professional development plan in addition to the documents that the user has uploaded.