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You can contact QCDC via telephone number: 44546815 or email:

The details and dates of QCDC’s various activities and programs are published on its official website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @QCDCQatar).

QCDC cooperates with various schools in Qatar, by organizing specialized workshops and participating in career fairs among other events designed for students and teachers alike. All government secondary schools currently use QCDC’s online Career Advising System, through a joint cooperation agreement concluded with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

QCDC is focused on providing career guidance to help individuals choose a career path that suits their potential and aspirations, and plays no role in the recruitment process.

The center currently offers career development workshops for students and career planning solutions via its online Career Advising System. It also offers programs that support professionals who provide career counseling services, such as the Career Advisor Training Course and the Career Counselors Training Program. Moreover, the center is working on offering professional consulting services in the near future.

QCDC is a Qatari center and does not represent any international organizations.

Yes, QCDC is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and one of the affiliated centers to the Community Development sector. QCDC aims to support QF in its efforts to unleash human potential and bolster the knowledge economy.

QCDC’s offices are located on the first floor of Multaqa (Education City Student Center) at Education City.

Yes, QCDC works throughout the year, to offer a myriad of programs, activities and projects.

QCDC cooperates with entities that are involved in career guidance such as ministries and governmental entities; academic, research and educational organizations; academic and educational policy and decision makers; public and private sectors; NGOs and NPOs; and specialized professional organizations and associations.

Qatar’s job market dynamics lie at the core of QCDC’s career guidance programs and the center constantly monitors reports and research publications on the labor market by relevant state institutions. QCDC also offers programs and services modeled after activities that have proved to be effective according to available research. QCDC’s team has collected and analyzed a great deal of information and assessed the center’s experience over past years, through numerous activities and surveys to develop new initiatives and programs that would achieve the desired benefits for youth and the labor market alike.

In all of its programs, QCDC works closely with a group of stakeholders including parents, career and academic advisors, experts, and professional consultants-- all influential actors who play a fundamental role in the future of youth in Qatar.

The center continues to work on developing programs and initiatives while identifying the best global practices in the field of career guidance and development and adapting these practices in the local community, reflecting QCDC’s belief in the importance of continuous development to achieve the desired impact in the long run.

QCDC offers numerous programs and services to students and youth in Qatar, such as the Winter and Summer Career Camps, Career Village, Career Academy, My Career- My Future and Career Readiness program, as well as access to our Career Development Workshop Series, Career Advising System, and Career Ambassadors Program among others.

The center also offers specialized programs for academic advisors, career counsellors, and parents. These include the Career Counselors Training Program, Career Advisor Training Course, and Introductory Career Advisory Courses.

The Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform, organized by the center under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation (QF), brings together various stakeholders in the field of career guidance in Qatar with the aim of encouraging cooperation and the exchange of expertise and knowledge, as well as discussions on research outcomes and best practices in a bid to establish an integrated career guidance system in Qatar.

QCDC also publishes the "Career Guide" magazine, a specialized bilingual semi-annual magazine, in both Arabic and English. The magazine features career tips by experts in career guidance and professional development, which benefits readers of all age groups. The magazine also highlights the latest developments in the field of career planning and development and features youth success stories in various sectors and fields.

QCDC mainly targets the youth in Qatar, especially pre-university students, undergraduate students, and fresh graduates. The center also reaches out to key stakeholders who can have a direct or indirect impact on its target groups. These include parents, academic advisors, career counselors, experts in the development of human capital, and researchers and academics specialized in career guidance.

QCDC welcomes all people who wish to benefit from its services, especially Qatar’s young citizens and residents, in line with its mission to support the pillars on which the Qatar National Vision 2030 rests and to bolster Qatar’s knowledge-based economy by supporting skills-building and nurturing talent through education and career guidance.

QCDC provides access to career guidance and planning services through a variety of programs, activities, and events. QCDC offers high-quality professional educational tools and programs such as workshops, lectures, seminars, and career guidance courses, in addition to awareness-raising and knowledge exchange programs that include career guidance activities. The center also plays a major and pivotal role in promoting and supporting the creation of career guidance policies and practices through close cooperation with various organizations and institutions involved in career guidance in Qatar.

QCDC focuses on career knowledge creation, sharing and utilization through a number of publications, studies, and research papers on career planning and guidance.

As a non-profit organization, QCDC offers most of its services and activities to beneficiaries free of charge. When a fee is charged, it is usually below the cost of the provided service.

QCDC aims to help the youth in Qatar identify and achieve their academic and career goals by educating them on the best ways to make career decisions, develop sound plans, and accomplish professional development to achieve their life goals while contributing to Qatar’s growth and ensuring its prosperity.

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, aims to be the country’s beacon for career guidance. The center is preparing the young national human capital to respond to the requirements of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the state’s human development strategies, by first and foremost instilling career guidance within Qatar’s socio-economic culture.

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