22 Jun 2021

QCDC Virtual Career Advising Sessions for Students

Students from 60 Schools Benefit from QCDC Virtual Career Advising Sessions

16 specialized mentors and mentees participate in Arabic and English sessions organized by QF member

Doha, Qatar, June 22, 2021: More than 190 students from nearly 60 schools across Qatar have benefited from the free Virtual Career Advising Sessions provided by Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) to support students in planning their academic and career paths during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The topics of the sessions, which were presented by 16 specialized career mentors and mentees, included job opportunities, university requirements, career path guidance, resume guidance, determining the best major, choosing the best university, studying abroad, identifying interests and strengths, and establishing academic and career goals.

Saad Al-Kharji, Head of Career Programs and Services, QCDC – a member of Qatar Foundation – said: “During these Virtual Career Advising Sessions, which ran from January to May 2021, students received free professional support to help them determine their educational and career paths and follow the best practices when applying for a job or writing a CV, as well as other employment-related aspects.”

On the purpose of these sessions, Al-Kharji explained: “We have launched this initiative to address the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, and its repercussions on the education sector locally and globally. Through this initiative, we seek to support students’ career planning and development, and we strive to reach the largest number of Qatar-based young people.

“Regardless of the individual’s age, academic qualifications, or professional level, it is necessary that they persist with enriching their knowledge and developing their skills to perform their work functions optimally. In our time of knowledge and technological revolution, personal and career development is any promising youth’s first step toward success, and a continuation of our nation’s course of growth.”

This initiative targeted all Qatar-based high school students, pre-university students, university undergraduates, and graduates up to two years after graduation. The sessions are provided by professional career advisors who are keen to offer personalized career advice to help participants determine the academic and career paths most appropriate for each of them. They also guide students to the best practices in the recruitment process, as well as answer any inquiries they have regarding their future career and entering the labor market.

The sessions were offered in cooperation with volunteer career mentees as part of the Career Advisor Mentoring Program.  The program aims to build the capacity of budding practitioners through hands-on experience under the supervision of an experienced advisor. The mentoring program is under the umbrella initiative of the Virtual Career Advising Sessions, which provides career guidance to youth in Qatar.

Fatima Chaudhry, one of the career mentees who volunteered to participate in the sessions, said: “This was a great opportunity to volunteer as a career advisor and make a difference in society. Many students have had to change their studying schedules and lifestyles over the past year, and it is a pleasure to be able to provide a service that they can access virtually from the comfort of their homes. I had amazing discussions with students about their goals and how to stay motivated during these times.

“As mentees, we had an excellent team of English and Arabic advisors to support us from the very beginning, and we received mentoring and guidance throughout the program. We hope to be a part of this wonderful initiative in the upcoming academic year, and we aim to make our services even more accessible to meet the needs of the academic community.”

On his participation in the Virtual Career Advising Sessions, Hamad Mohammed Al-Mutawah, student, said that QCDC had provided him with important information, helping him find unique opportunities and the career path that best suited him. “They have also taught me how to set my goals and priorities, and prepare myself for the future career path,” he added.

The sessions take place virtually, building on QCDC’s growing online offerings since the outbreak of the pandemic. Students can directly book appointments with specialized career advisors to receive personalized career advising services, and gain access to other career planning and guidance resources QCDC offers. Students can book one 45-minute career advising session at a time, and follow-up sessions can be scheduled later if needed. Appointments are offered in both Arabic and English.