Feb 22, 2017


Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) has held a seminar on the role of career guidance in developing the national workforce and contributing to Qatar’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy.

The seminar, which took place at Hamad bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Student Center on February 16, brought together a large number of participants, including government officials, school counselors, professional consultants and representatives from the private sector.

The seminar outlined career planning and guidance practices in Qatar and provided suggestions on how to improve and enhance the nation’s career guidance system. Participants also touched on global career guidance practices and discussed the advantages and challenges of implementing such practices.

Dr. Tajalsir Ibrahim Kardaman, Career Counseling Consultant at QCDC, said: “This seminar highlighted the importance of career guidance in supporting Qatar’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. QCDC is keen on organizing various activities and programs and this event provided an excellent opportunity for career guidance specialists to establish and expand their networks. It also contributed to informing Qatar’s youth on career awareness. These initiatives encourage interactive engagement, collaboration and knowledge exchange among diverse stakeholders involved in the education-to-employment, career planning, and development and implementation process for Qatar’s youth, in line with QCDC’s mission.”

The seminar was moderated by Sylvia Nassar, a Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator of Counselor Education at North Carolina State University.

Dr. Nassar, described students as one of the key stakeholders in the career guidance process, saying: “This student generation is technologically conscious so we really need to deliver information in a way that is appropriate to them. This includes offering online tutorials and various interactive courses.”

Dr. Nassar has served in a variety of clinical mental health, school, and college settings over the past 30 years, and launched several initiatives to promote the professionalism of counseling and counselor education.

She has published nearly 90 books, refereed articles, and other instructional materials and delivered more than 100 conference presentations. She was named the Michael G. Morris Endowed Chair from Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education for 2014-15 and Research Triangle Institute (RTI) – International University Scholar for 2016-17.

Mr. Mohamed Soueileh, Academic Advisor at Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys, and who was among the attendees, commented on the seminar saying: “We thank QCDC and Dr. Sylvia Nassar for offering us the opportunity to participate in events that contribute to the development of our skills and competencies. I have greatly benefited from Dr. Nassar’s expertise.”

QCDC, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), awarded certificates of participation to attendees at the end of the seminar.