February, 2024


4:00 pm Multaqa, Education City



In Qatar, recognizing and embracing the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace is of paramount importance. This commitment aligns with global principles of diversity and ensures a representative workforce reflecting the entire spectrum of abilities. In response to the evolving landscape of inclusive education and career development, Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) proudly introduces the EmpowerAbility program.

EmpowerAbility is a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals facing learning difficulties, with a primary focus on the development of essential skills and abilities. Committed to societal integration, the program strategically utilizes national cultural and sports days as gateways for individuals with learning difficulties to access the labor market. It additionally provides training opportunities that enable participants to contribute effectively to event organization and interact with audiences, enhancing their social and communication skills crucial for workforce integration and success.



EmpowerAbility is a transformative program dedicated to recognizing and empowering unique talents, fostering inclusive environments, and supporting individuals with learning difficulties. It focuses on developing practical and personal skills, instilling a culture of lifelong learning, and facilitating a smooth transition from education to the labor market. Through collaborative partnerships and specialized training sessions, participants acquire essential skills for contributing to the workforce. Active participation in various tasks provides hands-on opportunities for practical application, contributing to societal and economic growth.

The overarching goal of this program is to seamlessly integrate individuals with learning difficulties into the social and economic fabric of the country, changing societal perceptions and redirecting collective thinking toward recognizing their true capabilities and importance in enriching the labor market and achieving the state’s sustainable development goals.


Target Audience:

This program caters to a specific and inclusive target group aged 17-30, aiming to provide support and training for individuals facing learning challenges. The focus is on those with mild autism, mild learning disabilities, and physical disabilities affecting learning capabilities.


Program Description:

EmpowerAbility unfolds in three unique and integrated stages:

Phase 1: Strengthened Career Planning, Workshops, Selection Criteria, and Collaboration with Organizations

Starting with thorough pre-program assessments, the initial phase focuses on understanding each participant’s abilities, interests, and potential career paths. Insights are used to craft personalized career plans. Emphasis is placed on career planning, skill development, and collaboration with external organizations. Personalized skill development ensures tailored training aligned with participants’ unique abilities. Real-world application occurs through local events, allowing active skill application and fostering a sense of pride. Career training workshops cover diverse skills crucial for personal and career growth, including effective communication and teamwork. This multifaceted approach establishes a strong foundation for participants’ career journeys.

Phase 2: Event Day

The event day is organized in collaboration with QCDC’s partner organizations, aligning tasks with participants’ skills to provide a platform for showcasing and developing their capabilities. A personalized approach, including mentorship and guidance, contributes to a fulfilling and empowering experience for each participant. The inaugural day of phase 2 takes place on National Sport Day 2024, where participants can experience sports-related jobs, such as sports event coordination, coaching assistance, or sports journalism.

Phase 3: Evaluation and Celebration

Marking the conclusion of their journey, Phase 3 focuses on recognizing participants’ efforts and gathering valuable feedback for program improvement. All participants receive certificates of participation, acknowledging their commitment and the skills they honed throughout the program. Gifts are also provided based on the evaluation, emphasizing the top three participants.

To ensure the program’s continued effectiveness, structured surveys are conducted to capture feedback from both participants and their families. This valuable input will inform future program iterations and allow for tailoring the experience to best support future participants. Additionally, QCDC and its collaborating organizations convene post-event debriefing sessions, fostering an open exchange of insights and shaping plans for future opportunities. Through this collaborative evaluation process, the EmpowerAbility program strives to continuously evolve and empower individuals with learning difficulties on their career journeys.