June, 2019

Career Academy

8:00am - 01:30pm Multaqa

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Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), is planning the launch of the first edition of its “Career Academy” The program aims to familiarize high school students with work environments in both the private and public sectors and to help youth explore in-demand jobs across local industries.

Students will embark on an educational journey to explore the various career tracks that each industry offers and learn about the disciplines that educational institutions offer in various professional fields. The program will feature a series of workshops to help students plan their career and develop their skills.

The program’s activities will be delivered in Arabic only.

Students can register for the 2-week program, or may choose to register for only 1 week. All students who successfully complete the program will be awarded participation certificates.


Date: 30 June – 11 July 2019

Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm

Venue: Multaqa (Education City Student Center)


Field Trips

Through field trips, the program provides students with first-hand insights into jobs in various fields and offers youth the opportunity to connect with professionals to learn to which extent these jobs match their skills and potential and what to expect from each profession. Field trips include visits to both private and public institutions in Qatar.

Introduction to Universities

Choosing an academic track is the first step in determining a future career path. This is why the Career Academy program seeks to introduce students to Qatar-based universities including Qatar University, Hamad Bin Khalifa University and Education City universities among others. Representatives of these universities will be hosted on the final day of the program to provide students with an overview of the academic programs and admission requirements at these universities, which will help them make informed academic choices and prepare for university life.



In a bid to equip students with essential life skills and help youth plan their academic and career tracks, the program features workshops aimed at honing students’ personalities before enrolling in universities. The workshops touch on number of topics, including “Preparations to study abroad”, “How to write a resume” and “How to introduce yourself to society”, in addition to workshops relating to the practical skills that empower students to become independent.


Recreational and Educational Activities

The program will feature a variety of recreational and educational activities. Participants will attend a series of handicraft workshops that aim to equip students with a wide range of personal and life skills as well as to bolster their self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and teamwork among other skills that will come in handy when entering the job market.

Program of Activities


First Week (30 June – 4 July)


Second Week (July 7-11)


Participation Requirements

  • The applicant must be a high school student (10th – 11th Grade).
  • The applicant must pay a registration fee of QR 2,000 to participate in the two-week program.
  • Students may register to participate in the program for only one week for a QR1000 fee.


Registrations Steps

  • Step One:  Register online
  • Step Two: Visit QCDC premises to complete your payment. Fee payment shall be made exclusively through bank cards. Click on the following link for  QCDC Location
  • Step Three: Accepted students will receive an e-mail confirming their participation in the Career Academy program.


To ensure your participation, please register at your earliest convenience. Seats are limited and can only be secured by paying the registration fee.


To learn more and register in the program, please call us on:  44546815

Or e-mail us at: qcdc@qf.org.qa