Programmer: Eng. Maryam Al Hamadi


Eng. Maryam Al Hamadi 

Research Assistant 

Qatar Computing Research Institute


A programmer typically builds and creates software programs and develops them in a language that computers can understand and follow. If coding and decoding sounds interesting, you might want to consider programming as a career option. 


Programmers are people who spend a lot of time on their computers. They write and develop anything from websites and mobile phone applications to computer operating systems and games by writing and modifying codes. Programmers can be involved in many stages of the development process, right from analysis and application to testing and technical support.  


To become a programmer, you would first need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science.  Although there are many self-taught experts in the field, a university education will go a long way in helping you move up the career ladder. Additionally, because experience in this field is greatly valued, university can help you gain the necessary experience needed through internships. 


There are different areas of specialization within programming, such as healthcare or accounting. Deciding which area to focus on depends on where your interests lie, but whichever field you choose to specialize in, remaining current is of paramount importance. As such, you will need to keep attending training and seminars to remain competitive in the field. 


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To be a professional programmer, you need to have passion for codingYou need to have patience, the ability to think logically, to be self-driven and detail oriented. You also need to have troubleshooting skills and analytical skills. 

Personally, I love the challenge that programming gives me, especially when I need to iron out bugs in a program. More importantly, it keeps challenging me because there is always something new to learn about it. 

To be a programmer, one needs to keep on learning and updating oneself on the ever-changing nature of this industry. Everyday, there are new developments in the field, and you must be able to stay up to date.”  


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