Expert Opinion: Celebrating International Day of Education

Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director of QCDC

The United Nations General Assembly has designated January 24th of each year as an international day for education celebrated worldwide. For this year, the State of Qatar, represented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, has chosen to mark this day under the theme: “Education is Everyone’s Responsibility.” This is not just a slogan; it is a call to action, uniting public and private sectors, individuals, and families in a shared mission to elevate our nation’s education. This day will provide families, students, and various organizations with the opportunity to come together and collaborate on enhancing students’ performance and educational experiences. Through a variety of events across the country, participants will work hand-in-hand to elevate the quality of education, ensuring our children unlock their full potential and write their future success stories.

The selection of the theme “Education is Everyone’s Responsibility” for the celebration is indeed a well-made decision by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Education thrives not solely within the walls of schools and family homes, but as a collective endeavor demanding the active participation of individuals and institutions across all levels of society. The benefits of such collaboration undoubtedly extend to everyone, as human capital is the fundamental pillar for sustainable development in the country. As a specialized center in career guidance and development, we resonate with the Ministry’s vision and take concrete action through impactful programs like regular activities, specialized workshops, and diverse training initiatives – all designed to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to guide their children’s career exploration. Our goal is to guide children along their unique paths, not steer them toward predetermined destinations. We empower them to make informed academic and career choices that align with their own skills, passions, and aspirations, free from the burden of parental expectations.

Since the educational process and students’ career paths are interconnected, the role of parents is not limited to supporting education or providing career advice. The involvement of parents in the educational process becomes integral to nurturing their children’s potential and growth throughout the educational journey. However, we also value their unique influence as primary career guides within the home, recognizing their impactful role in shaping academic and career decisions.


The International Day of Education allows us to move beyond the traditional student-parent-school triangle and embrace a broader, collaborative network encompassing diverse community entities. Together, we can enrich students’ educational journeys and architect positive, adaptable, and supportive work environments that nurture their individual needs and aspirations. This necessitates active engagement from the labor market, education stakeholders, and decision-makers across diverse fields. We must bridge the gap between the education outcomes and the evolving labor market demands, ensuring the education sector adequately prepares students for the realities of the labor market. Academic and career counselors play an indispensable role in empowering and guiding students to make informed academic and career decisions, leading to a smooth and beneficial transition from education to work, both for the individual and their community. Recognizing this pivotal role, we, at QCDC, prioritize the continuous development of career and academic counselors’ skills, equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively fulfill their essential duties.


Another benefit of commemorating this day is sparking spontaneous and direct discussions between parents and their children about their future educational and career paths. The events held in celebration of this day will enrich these discussions, opening new horizons that parents and students may not explore in regular conversations. Also, we consistently emphasize the importance and power of role models to all parents, encouraging them to share their own stories of success, or introduce their children to inspiring figures, both personal and societal, to broaden their educational perspectives and spark their imaginations.


It is crucial for us too, as influenceser, to remember that the educational process and its development require open discussions between us, students, parents, and those responsible for the educational process. This allows us to listen to their concerns and align our strategic directions with the labor market demands, ensuring we guide our children toward pathways aligned with their ambitions, capabilities, and interests. Recognizing the power of inspiration, we actively showcase successful models from diverse sectors across our platforms and mediums. These real-life examples serve as valuable insights, enriching these crucial discussions and illuminating potential avenues for our children’s futures.
In conclusion, we wish all our sons and daughters a day filled with ambition and optimism. Today, we prepare an environment for them to fulfill their aspirations and passion, a national duty on both them and us. Their growth on the path to success is our way to achieve the vision of our nation in 2030 and beyond, solidifying the foundations of sustainable development across generations.