4 Things You Will Learn in Your First Year of Work


Your first year of work is crucial in helping you build your future. Why? Because everything that you learn in that first year will set the tone for your entire working life. Here is a look at some of the lessons that will help you grow:

Your degree alone is not enough

While your qualifications will help you get employed and earn more money, it is not what is going to propel you toward excellence. That is down to how passionate you are about wanting to achieve success, how hard you are willing to work and how committed you are toward your goals. Once you have the qualities and skills you need to push you to the top, you will realize that money comes easily.

Yes, there is still homework

Thought your homework days were over? Well, they are far from over. Although many organizations do not encourage their employees to take work home, there are some that deliberately put you through such tests to see how dedicated you are to your job. You can count on days when you will need to burn the midnight oil to get work done, especially during deadline time. And on many occasions, you might even need to bring work home.  Do not let this discourage you though, because in time, and with experience, you will learn to manage your time efficiently, while impressing the boss!

You will get a handle on your emotions

You will experience bouts of anger, frustration, and impatience, but it will always be in your favor to keep calm and handle these emotions gracefully. This may be difficult at first, but not doing so could have dire consequences on your career progression. Additionally, getting a grip on your emotions displays strength of character, and expressing them in a more productive manner will serve you better as you make your way up the career ladder.

You will discover what you are capable of

You might feel that you never worked as hard as you did during your university days, but when you enter the workforce, complete with the pressure of manager approvals, appraisals, increments and bonuses, you will realize your true potential and how you had actually never worked at your fullest capacity. This experience will help you find strengths you were not aware of.