Research Papers and Field Studies

QCDC is focused on promoting career knowledge through the publication of a number of periodicals, studies, and research papers related to career planning and guidance. Each year, QCDC features new programs, services and activities that proved to be efficient, according to its latest research efforts. The Center has collected and analyzed a wealth of information over previous years and assessed activities, surveys and studies, which have contributed to the development of new initiatives and programs that will benefit youth and have a positive impact on the labor market.

As part of its efforts, QCDC has undertaken several research initiatives including a 12-month research program to provide a comprehensive study on Qatar’s progress on the career guidance, planning and development fronts.

The initiative, entitled ‘Careering Towards A Sustainable Qatari Economy’, focused exclusively on the Qatari population and featured a survey of over 1,000 students, graduates and parents, as well as respondents from various segments of senior stakeholders across the government and private sectors.

The ‘Role of career guidance in aligning the aspirations and skills of Qatar’s youth with the needs of the Qatari economy’ was the main theme behind the research that evaluated the perceptions and attitude towards career awareness and development in Qatar. The study expanded on the existing body of research by focusing on the central topic of ‘career culture’ and how this latter can be inculcated while taking into consideration the vital need to diversify the economy beyond the traditional oil and gas resource sector.

The Center also produced two research papers on “The Role of Career Guidance in the Preparation, Placement and Development of Qatar National Workforce” and “Career Aspirations, Guidance and Mobility: Achieving “Quality Qatarization”.