Career Village


Career Village is an initiative designed by QCDC to provide support for high school students and their parents, over several days. A day of the event is dedicated to public schools’ male students; another day is dedicated to public schools’ female students; while private school students and the public are welcomed on other days.
Career Village brings together representatives of leading Qatar-based organizations and institutions from numerous industries including: education, business and finance, energy and manufacturing, communication and transportation, health, security, media and culture.
The initiative aims to instill a strong career culture among Qatari high school students and to familiarize them with the dynamics and challenges of Qatar’s labor market.
The event introduces students to career fields that enable them to best serve their country. Career Village also contributes to educating students on academic specialties and career opportunities through discussions with representatives of companies, institutions and universities taking part in the village. Students also have a chance to participate in interactive activities, offered by these institutions, to learn about different professions.