Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform



The Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform was envisioned as an informal cross-organizational network that brings together students, parents, counsellors, career advisors, researchers, and decision-makers in the area of career guidance in Qatar.
Its overall purpose is to encourage all stakeholders of career guidance in reflective processes for collaboration, innovation, exchange of knowledge, research findings and best practices in order to advance and support career guidance as a powerful means for human development across Qatar.
A year following its establishment in 2015, the Career Guidance Stakeholders Platform developed into a comprehensive platform that brings together all stakeholders under one umbrella. The platform’s purpose is to engage all stakeholders in the process of developing an “integrated career guidance system in Qatar.” In other words, the platform aims to facilitate the development of a specialized system to help Qatari youth discover their talents and capitalize on their potential in order to meet their future needs and aspirations and contribute to the development of the Qatari economy in general.