Career Counselors Training Program


QCDC, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Qatar, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, launched the Career Counselors Training Program in 2015 to provide comprehensive career development services across Qatar.

The program falls in line with QCDC’s belief in the important role that career counselors play in coordinating and efficiently managing academic and career counseling services. The program highlights the principles of career guidance and provides level-specific training to counselors and equips them with the tools and resources they need to ensure that the youth will receive better career and academic counseling services. Since career and college counseling is very new to public schools and the majority of private schools in Qatar, the program equips counselors with the resources, knowledge, and strategies they need to effectively guide students in their career and college planning as well as the college admission process. The program features a series of lectures, guided group activities, group assignments, and presentations.