Career Ambassadors Program


The Career Ambassadors Program’s vision draws inspiration from QCDC’s motto, ‘Your Future in Your Hands.’ It aims to create a motivating and supportive environment for Qatari youth, empowering them to build up their personal capabilities and competencies.
The program is an effective tool that contributes to the promotion of youth initiatives and embodies a long-term investment in young Qatari leadership who will play an integral role in paving the way for a prosperous future for Qatar.
The program aims to raise awareness among Qatari youth around career development and equips students with the necessary skills to enable them to optimize their career and specialization plans.
Each school nominates 5 or 6 students from grades 10 and 11, who participate in a series of training and development workshops offered by QCDC over the course of 3 months. These participating students act as QCDC’s ambassadors at their schools, where they are responsible for sharing the knowledge they have acquired with other students by organizing and engaging their colleagues in a range of activities, events, and workshops.