29 Oct 2019

QCDC and KidZania Doha Aim to Instill Culture of Career Guidance






QCDC and KidZania Doha Aim to Instill Culture of Career Guidance


A special recreational education center named the “Career Development Center” has opened in Doha where children will be introduced to the concept of career planning while exploring various career options in an educational and entertaining way. The new Career Development Center comes as a result of a partnership between Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and KidZania Doha, and will be affiliated to QCDC.

The Career Development Center is based in KidZania’s interactive city for children, and is aimed to empower children, between the ages of 4 and 14, in enabling them to identify career options that align with their interests and abilities.

“It is important that we instill a culture of career guidance among children from an early age so that they grow up aware of their potential and future career orientations,” said Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, QCDC.

“This cooperation with KidZania Doha lies at the heart of Qatar Foundation’s efforts to promote a culture of career guidance among members of the community, in partnership with those contributing to the achievement of these goals for the benefit of the Qatari youth,” he added.

The center will host career-related events that include educating children on how to write and print CVs in line with their career interests and aspirations.




“Our partnership with QCDC is an important addition to KidZania Doha and contributes to advancing its mission of developing children’s ambitions,” said Mr. Khalid Ali Al-Mawlawi, Board Member of Qatar Entertainment (Tasali).

“Promoting awareness of a professional work culture to help children identify their orientations and hone their skills in line with their abilities through role-playing is what KidZania is offering in an interesting educational context,” he added.

The inauguration and signing ceremony, which was held today at the KidZania Doha Theater, brought together Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Mr. Khalid Ali Al-Mawlawi, and senior officials, including Mr. Mohammed Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, CEO of Aspire Zone Foundation, and Mr. Ric Fearnett, Governor of KidZania Doha.

KidZania Doha opened its doors on April 30, 2019, providing a unique educational and entertainment experience with 42 establishments. Children aged between 4 -14 years old are able to role play ‘adult jobs’ in up to 60 pretend roles, learning a variety of values, including self-reliance, teamwork, honesty, integrity, and giving back to society.