Mar 13, 2017



Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) has wrapped up the most recent edition of its Ambassadors Program, which kicked off in October to help preparatory and secondary school students make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

The program aims to raise awareness among Qatari youth around professional development and equip students with the necessary skills to enable them to optimize their career and specialization plans, promoting a culture of initiative-taking, creativity and innovation. The months-long workshops focus on positive thinking, communication and life skills, career planning, team work and event management.

Commenting on the program, Mr. Shaheen Al-Sulaiti, Senior Operations Officer, QCDC, said: “The program’s vision draws inspiration from QCDC’s motto, ‘Your Future in Your Hands.’ It aims to create a motivating and supportive environment for Qatari youth, empowering them to build up their personal capabilities and competencies.”

“The program is an effective tool that contributes to the promotion of youth initiatives and embodies a long-term investment in young Qatari leadership that will play an integral role in paving the way for a prosperous future for our country,” Al-Sulaiti added.

34 students from Omar bin Al Khattab Preparatory Independent School for Boys, Omar bin Al Khattab Secondary Independent School for Boys and Khalifa Secondary Independent School for Boys participated in this year’s edition of the program, which featured various activities at Hamad bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Student Center in Education City. Additionally, 44 students from Al Bayan Secondary Independent School for Girls, Umm Hakeem Secondary Independent School for Girls, AlIeman Secondary Independent School for Girls and Ruqaya Preparatory Independent School for Girls also took part in activities that were organized at their institutions.

Participating students praised QCDC for the positive impact the program has made on their future career plans. “We came here today to attend a workshop on how to accomplish our objectives and plan our future. We have learned about the importance of setting personal goals and following specific steps to achieve those goal,” said Noor Faisal Al Sayegh, a student at Al Bayan Secondary Independent School for Girls.

“We are very grateful to Qatar Career Development Center for supporting us to overcome our fears, identify our strength and determine the most appropriate academic fields that correspond with our personalities,” Al Sayegh added.

The Ambassador Program is one of several initiatives organized each year by QCDC, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF).