20 March 2019

Recruits of National Service Academy undergo evaluation to identify career interests


The National Service Academy, in cooperation with Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation, has embarked on a series of evaluations to help the latest batch of its recruits identify their career interests and explore their skills and potential.


The assessments are being undertaken through QCDC’s Career Advising System (CAS), a unique career advising system, which provides tailor-made solutions that factors in Qatar’s social and economic conditions. CAS was developed by QCDC in co-operation with Kuder Inc., a world leader in career planning services. The new career advising system features psychometric and personality assessment models as well as diverse and innovative tools to facilitate career planning and guidance by helping users explore personal skills and professional tracks and planning career paths.

Recruits undertook two assessments including Kuder Career Interests Assessment, and Super’s Work Values Inventory. Both assessments enable recruits to identify their professional interests and potential before suggesting aligned career choices.

After completing the evaluation and reviewing the results, the user is presented with a list of suggested professions.

QCDC’s cooperation with the National Service Academy kicked off in 2018 within the framework of the academy’s collaboration with various specialized organizations across Qatar to support the development of recruits.

This cooperation reflects the firm belief that Qatar’s national security and development go hand in hand, which requires the empowerment of talented Qatari youth who will shoulder the responsibility of protecting the nation and supporting its development.

Civil and military institutions must therefore join efforts to mobilize and empower youth to make valuable contributions to the Qatari society.

Based on the results of the assessments, QCDC will organize subsequent training sessions that will bring together experts in career guidance to analyze the outcomes and help recruits identify the academic and professional tracks that best align with their interests and the future needs of Qatar.