14 Jan 2021

Digital Access Accreditation from Mada


In a special ceremony held at Mada Center on Thursday, January 14 , Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) received an honorary shield and a certificate of Digital Access Accreditation, in the presence of officials from both centers. Under this accreditation, QCDC’s website has become accessible to all members of society, including those with special needs and the elderly. The ceremony also featured handing out certificates of participation to 10 trainees who participated in the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training, which was previously launched by QCDC, in cooperation with Mada. Accordingly, the National Career Development Association (NCDA) offered a comprehensive training to qualify participants in the field of career advising and facilitation for people with disabilities. NCDA hence provided program graduates with a license to practice career advising as professional service providers.