How are career guidance programs designed?

Qatar’s job market dynamics lie at the core of QCDC’s career guidance programs and the center constantly monitors reports and research publications on the labor market by relevant state institutions. QCDC also offers programs and services modeled after activities that have proved to be effective according to available research. QCDC’s team has collected and analyzed a great deal of information and assessed the center’s experience over past years, through numerous activities and surveys to develop new initiatives and programs that would achieve the desired benefits for youth and the labor market alike.

In all of its programs, QCDC works closely with a group of stakeholders including parents, career and academic advisors, experts, and professional consultants– all influential actors who play a fundamental role in the future of youth in Qatar.

The center continues to work on developing programs and initiatives while identifying the best global practices in the field of career guidance and development and adapting these practices in the local community, reflecting QCDC’s belief in the importance of continuous development to achieve the desired impact in the long run.