Jul, 2018

Summer Career Camp 2018

8:00am - 2:00pm Multaqa

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), will host the fifth edition of its Summer Career Camp 2018, which welcomes high school students from across the country. The camp is designed to bring high school students a stimulating experience that will assist them in making informed academic and career decisions.

Separate classes will be held for boys and girls. All Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded participation certificates. The camp’s activities and programs will be delivered in Arabic only.

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Various Workshops and Activities
The two-week camp will feature a variety of activities and educational programs, as well as stimulating workshops that have been designed to provide students with a practical skill set and knowledge that can help inspire them when planning their career and academic paths. Workshops will be equally beneficial for career guidance, building the students’ confidence towards right decision-making for a bright future.

Students will have access to QCDC’s Career Advising System, which features diverse and innovative components as well as psychometric and personality assessment tools to help students identify the most appropriate academic and career paths in line with the future needs of Qatar. A full day will be dedicated to training students on a range of life skills designed to prepare youth and shape their personalities before joining universities. These include “Getting Ready For University,” “How to Prepare your Resume” and “How to Introduce Yourself to Society,” in addition to training on a set of practical skills that students will find useful when traveling for a study abroad trip.
Site Visits and Job Shadowing Programs
The camp offers opportunities for site visits and job shadowing programs at leading organizations in Qatar, providing students with first-hand knowledge of workplace environments to give them a glimpse into career and professional life and help them match their abilities and skills with various career choices.

The two-week camp will feature six days dedicated to site visits to institutions operating across various sectors in Qatar. These include:

  • ‘Medical Day’ sponsored by Hamad Medical Corporation.
  • ‘Agriculture Day’ sponsored by the Quranic Botanic Garden.
  • ‘Engineering Day’ sponsored by Qatar Petroleum.
  • ‘Banking Day’ sponsored by Qatar National Bank.
  • ‘Media Day’ sponsored by Northwestern University in Qatar.
  • ‘Transport Day’ sponsored by Qatar Airways.

Recreational and Educational Activities
The camp will feature a variety of recreational, sports and educational activities. Participants will attend a series of handicraft workshops that will enable students to produce handmade crafts that the students can showcase at a special exhibition before the end of the camp. Students will also participate in a visit to Al Shaqab while a full day will be dedicated to a field trip to the Visual Art Center, which will allow students to develop their talents and explore their artistic skills.

These workshops aim to equip students with a wide range of personal and life skills as well as to bolster their self-confidence, communication skills, and teamwork among other skills that will come in handy when entering the labor market.
Universities Info Sessions
The final day of the camp will include an introductory session about universities in Qatar, such as Education City Universities and Qatar University, among others. Representatives of these universities will provide students with an overview of their academic programs and admission requirements, which will help students to make informed academic decisions and prepare for university life.
Participation Requirements

  • The applicant must be a high school student (10th – 11th Grade)
  • The applicant must pay a registration fee of QR2000
  • Registration fees are reduced to QR 1500 if applicants register before 15 June 2018 or more than one sibling student is registered

Registrations Steps

  • Step One: Register online through the button below.
  • Step Two: You can choose to pay the registration fee online, after completing the registration form on the above link, or you can visit QCDC premises to complete your payment. Fee payment shall be made exclusively through bank cards (credit or debit). Click here for QCDC location.
  • Step Three: Accepted students will receive an e-mail confirming their participation in the Summer Career Camp 2018.

To ensure your participation and guarantee your seats in the Summer Camp, please register at your earliest convenience. Seats are limited and can only be secured by paying the registration fee.

To learn more about QCDC Summer Career Camp 2018, please visit our website: www.qcdc.org.qa
Or call us on: 44546815 or 44540322
Or e-mail us at: qcdc@qf.org.qa