April, 2018

Career Village 2018

8 a.m. to 1 p.m


Career Village is an initiative designed by Qatar Career Development Center, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, to provide support for high school students. The event will take place on April 9-11, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 1p.m. The first day of the event will be dedicated to public schools’ male students; the second day will be dedicated to public schools’ female students; while private schools students will be welcomed on the third day.

Career Village brings together representatives of leading Qatar-based organizations and institutions from numerous industries including:

  1. Education
  2. Business and Finance
  3. Energy and Manufacturing
  4. Communication and Transportation
  5. Health
  6. Security
  7. Media
  8. Culture

The initiative aims to instill a strong career culture among Qatari high school students and to familiarize them with the dynamics and challenges of Qatar’s labor market.

The event will introduce students to career fields that enable them to best serve their country. Career Village will also contribute to educating students on academic specialties and career opportunities through discussions with representatives of companies, institutions and universities taking part in the Village. Students will also have a chance to participate in interactive activities, offered by these institutions, to learn about different professions.


  • High school students
  • Parents


  • The event will take place on April 9-11, 2018, from 8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. The first day of the event will be dedicated to public schools’ male students; the second day will be dedicated to public schools’ female students; while private schools’ students will be welcomed on the third day.
  • Besides, the Career Village will be open to the public on April 11, 2018, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

The participating institutions will deliver introductory sessions to the students that aim to familiarize the students with the various careers they offer, and help them learn about scholarship and internship opportunities at these institutions.

Students will also visit exhibits where leading organizations will showcase interactive activities. The visits will offer students the opportunity to learn about different professions and work requirements, which will help them better plan their future career path.


Participating Institutions


Qatar University

Qatar University comprises nine colleges: Arts and Sciences; Business and Economics; Education; Engineering; Health Sciences; Law; Medicine; Pharmacy; and Sharia and Islamic Studies. Over the years, the University has continually expanded its wide range of new programs—the largest selection in the country—while fastidiously seeking the highest international accreditations, and ensuring they are aligned with the growing needs of the labor market and the aspirations of the society it serves. It currently boasts a population of over 20000 students, and an alumni body of over 40,000.

Qatar University proudly offers an extraordinary group of over 2,000 prestigious faculty, ranging from carefully selected international experts, to Qatar’s own top national minds. Every faculty member is recognized for their experienced research and/or tireless dedication to students, and is able to share a greater passion and insight into their field and how it can help apply to regional needs, as we pursue the National Vision.

Website: http://www.qu.edu.qa/

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar

About VCUarts Qatar VCUarts Qatar is the Qatar campus of the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Established in 1998 through a partnership with Qatar Foundation, VCUarts Qatar offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design, interior design, fashion design and painting & printmaking, a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and a Master of Fine Arts degree in design. In addition to a comprehensive annual public events program that includes a wide range of exhibitions, lectures and fashion events, the University hosts the biennial international design conference Tasmeem and the biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art, attracting globally recognized designers, academics and thinkers while fostering sustainable, university-community partnerships that enhance the educational, economic and cultural vitality of Qatar. VCUarts Qatar students have access to the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities, from a visual effects studio and other media facilities, to 3D digital fabrication laboratories, and a materials library. VCUarts Qatar graduates are pursuing successful careers within the government, non-profit and private sector industries in Qatar and around the world. Many graduates have gone on to establish their own businesses, thereby contributing to the development of the small and medium enterprise culture in Qatar.

Website: http://www.qatar.vcu.edu/

College of the North Atlantic Qatar

As Qatar’s premier technical college, College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) has a special obligation to the students and industry of the State. Our mandate, to provide the best hands-on, technical training is fulfilled by hiring the best of Canada’s instructors and taking advantage of industry-standard equipment in our specialized classrooms and laboratories.

A proud partnership between the State of Qatar and College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, CNA-Q offers an unparalleled educational experience to students from more than 20 countries. In addition to diploma programs in Business Studies, Engineering Technology, Health Sciences and Information Technology, CNA-Q offers a full-range of student activities and clubs.

Since 2002, CNA-Q has graduated more than 4,500 students to enter the workforce locally and contribute to Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Many of these students have taken advantage of the pathways created by CNA-Q to continue their education and receive Bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees in their chosen fields.

Website: http://cna-qatar.com

ScorePlus Education Qatar

ScorePlus Education is a branch of the Princeton Review USA (review.com) and inlingua international (inlingua.com) in the Middle East. We help students with their admissions to colleges and universities in the USA, Qatar and globally. We offer test prep help in the following tests : SAT/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE/Languages.

Website: http://www.princetonreviewme.com/

Academic Bridge Program

ABP is a leading pre-university program created for high school graduates from Qatar and other countries in the region. Its mission is to provide high school graduates in Qatar with academic and personal skills to succeed in respected English universities around the world, with a special focus on preparing students for universities in Qatar’s educational city. The ABP is located in the architecturally stunning, LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences) building on the campus of Education City in Qatar.

Website: http://www.abp.edu.qa

New Horizons Training Center

New Horizons helps businesses advance by upgrading people. New Horizons IT training solutions have kept businesses—from startups to global enterprises—ahead of the technology curve for 35 years. With 300 learning centers in 70 countries around the world, New Horizons provides measurable return on any company’s training investment while our learning methods meet the styles, demands and schedules of management and employees. New Horizons combines the resources of the world’s largest IT training company with the responsiveness of a local partner. New Horizons is certified as a Microsoft Partner with a Gold Learning competency, Cisco Partner for Learning Solutions, CompTIA Authorized Partner, IBM Authorized Training Provider and VMware Authorized Training Center.

Website: http://www.newhorizons.com.qa/

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank (Q.P.S.C.) (QNB Group) was established in 1964 as the country’s first Qatari-owned commercial bank, with an ownership structure split between the Qatar Investment Authority (50%) and the remaining (50%) held by members of the public.

The Group’s presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies now extends to more than 31 countries across three continents providing a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. The total number of employees around 28,200 operating through more than 1,230 locations, with an ATM network of more than 4,300 machines.

QNB Group has maintained its position as one of the highest rated regional banks from leading credit rating agencies including Standard & Poor’s (A), Moody’s (Aa3), Fitch (A+), and Capital Intelligence (AA-). The Bank has also been the recipient of many awards from leading international specialised financial publications.

Website: www.qnb.com

Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Secondary School for Girls

Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Secondary School for Boys and Girls have been established to embody the partnership between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Qatar Central Bank. The school welcomes Qataris and GCC nationals who have completed preparatory school scoring a minimum of 75% in their overall score, as well as in English and Mathematics courses. Tenth grade students kickoff their study at the school learning a unified academic curriculum, and then specialize in one of two tracks at the Qatar Banking Studies and Business Administration Secondary School: Banking, Finance, or Business Administration, during grade 11.

Website: http://schools.education.qa/schools/30073/Pages/default.aspx

Stenden University

Stenden University Qatar was established in the year 2000 by Al Faisal Holding and Stenden University in the Netherlands.The University offers three different Dutch accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programmes in International Business and Management Studies, Tourism Management and International Hospitality Management. All programmes are recognised by Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Stenden University also has campuses in the Netherlands, Bali, South Africa, and Thailand.

Website: http://www.stenden.edu.qa

Energy and Manufacturing


Qatargas is a unique global energy operator in terms of size, service and reliability. The Company operates 14 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trains with a total annual production capacity of 77 million tons. This makes Qatargas the largest LNG producer in the world. Established in 1984, Qatargas develops, produces, and markets hydrocarbons from the world’s largest non-associated natural gas field. In addition to producing LNG, Qatargas is also a leading exporter of natural gas, helium, condensate and associated products. Today, Qatargas continues to set the benchmark in the LNG industry as it safely and reliably supplies energy to customers all over the world.​

Website: https://www.qatargas.com/english

Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a state-owned public corporation established by Emiri Decree No. 10 in 1974. It is responsible for all phases of the oil and gas industry in the State of Qatar.

The principal activities of QP, its subsidiaries and joint ventures are the exploration, production, local and international sale of crude oil, natural gas and gas liquids, refined products, synthetic fuels, petrochemicals, fuel additives, fertilizers, liquefied natural gas (LNG), steel and aluminium.

QP’s strategy of conducting hydrocarbon exploration and development is through Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (EPSA) and Development and Production Sharing Agreements (DPSA) concluded with major international oil and gas companies.

The operations and activities of QP and its affiliates are conducted at various onshore locations, including Doha, Dukhan and the Mesaieed and Ras Laffan Industrial Cities, as well as offshore areas, including Halul Island, offshore production stations, drilling platforms and the North Field.

Thriving on a spirit of enterprise, each of our joint ventures is underpinned by transparency, innovation and high standards of quality and service. At Qatar Petroleum, we are committed to one thing above all: Excellence.

Website: http://www.qp.com.qa

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is proud to be one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, and thanks to our customers’ response to our offerings, we are also the world’s fastest-growing airline. We connect more than 150 destinations on the map every day, with a fleet of the latest-generation aircraft, and an unrivalled level of service from our home and hub, the Five-star airport, Hamad International Airport in Doha, the State of Qatar. Travel today involves a mix of short, medium and long-haul segments, with more people travelling than ever before. With the breadth of network coverage today, virtually no destination is unreachable. This is why the commitment to service is paramount; as our guests are travelling farther and more frequently than ever before, the experience on board is an important part of the journey itself. Since our launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has earned many awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have earned a 5-star rating by Skytrax. Voted Airline of the Year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015 and most recently in 2017, Qatar Airways has won the confidence of the travelling public. We have accomplished these goals by focusing on the details – how we run the business, and how you experience our airline.

Website: https://www.qatarairways.com/aldarb

Qatar Aeronautical College

Design and implement training and education programs in various aviation areas in accordance with international aviation standards and regulations, with related support services and aircraft maintenance for individual customers, companies and government entities.

Website: http://qac.edu.qa


Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is the main provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare in Qatar and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East.

For more than three decades, HMC has been dedicated to delivering the safest, most effective and compassionate care to all its patients.

HMC manages 10 hospitals – seven specialist hospitals and three community hospitals – as well as the National Ambulance Service and home and residential care services.

In January 2016, HMC achieved the significant distinction of becoming the first healthcare system across the globe to have all its hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International under the Academic Medical Center accreditation program. Additionally, the National Ambulance Service, Home Healthcare Service, Stroke Service and Palliative Care, have all received this prestigious accreditation since 2011.

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, HMC has announced ambitious plans to expand capacity across its network through to 2030. This expansion plan includes a further three new hospitals in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City.

Website: http://www.hamad.qa

University of Calgary in Qatar

The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Nursing is renowned in Canada for its excellence in clinical practice and family health care. Our nursing students in Qatar are educated to the same Canadian standards and receive the same credentials as students at the Calgary campus.

UCQ is at the forefront of health promotion and disease prevention in Qatar. While educating the future nurses of Qatar, we will engage individuals, families and communities in activities designed to enhance family capacity to attain and improve health. Our nursing students and graduates will practice in the community, in primary health centres, in clinics and schools in addition to acute care hospitals. Our program exemplifies a vision of modern nursing that develops graduates who deliver evidence-based health care and are strong critical thinkers and change agents, whose focus is the entire family.

Website: http://www.ucalgary.edu.qa


Qatar Biobank Qatar Biobank, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, is a population-based platform where biological samples are provided by participants. Through the collection of samples and information on the health and lifestyles of Qatari citizens and long-term residents, Qatar Biobank aims to make vital medical research possible for scientists in Qatar, the region and the world. Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Biobank aims to recruit 60,000 Qatari nationals and long-term residents (with more than 15 years’ residence in Qatar), 18 or older, over the next few years. Thus far, Qatar Biobank has registered more than 12 thousand participants and has stored more than 520 thousand biological samples in its state-of-the-art bio storage facilities.

Website: www.qatarbiobank.org.qa


Police College

Police College (Qatar) is a security college that works under the Ministry of Interior – Qatar and it has been established as per the Emiri Decree No. 161/2013, issued by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir. The College is supervised by a Supreme Council that consists of 10 members representing the different authorities inside and outside the ministry. The College was established as a translation of Qatar Vision 2030 with respect to the Interior Ministry, which aims to strengthen its human resources with highly qualified and trained officers in order to achieve the highest competency in prevention of crime and its control and thus maintaining order according to the law and the Constitution. The college targets preparing scientifically and practically trained cadres in the police science and legal areas to be appointed as officers in the force. In addition, it will also develop curricula and methods of education and training to keep pace with the evolution of the knowledge in the legal and police fields. The first batch of students was enrolled at the College on Saturday, 16 August 2014 for the academic year 2014 -2015. They were 130 students from the State of Qatar and other the Arab states. The second batch of candidate students were received on 5 October 2015.

Website: https://www.moi.gov.qa/policecollege/index.html

General Authority of Customs

The General Authority of Customs (GAC) is the government authority responsible for monitoring importation and exportation of goods in and out of the State in accordance with the governing legislation in this regard. The vision of GAC is global customs commitment, facilitation, and leadership. GAC aims to provide leading customs services of legitimate trade exceed our custom expectations and contribute effectively to the achievement of sustainable development.

The GAC is tasked with customs security, which includes the monitoring of customs yards and warehouses, ensuring the completion of customs procedures when it comes to goods or cars that are released by the customs offices and investigating smuggling.

Website: www.customs.gov.qa

Ministry of Justice Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

The Center for Legal and Judicial Studies is specialized in:

  1. Training judges and prosecutors, their legal assistants, and legal representatives in governmental bodies to develop and modernize their scientific and applied skills.
  2. Training judicial assistants and officers to ensure that they develop the necessary skills and scientific abilities to perform their duties.
  3. Training lawyers.
  4. Training qualified candidates nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council or the Attorney General for judicial and public prosecution posts.
  5. Developing and deepening scientific research in the legal and judicial fields of trainees, holding seminars and meetings and issuing legal journals and periodicals.
  6. Proposing the curricula of legal and judicial training courses and following up on their implementation and revision.
  7. Implementing training programs of various types, in coordination with the members of the Training Commission.
  8. Conducting the scheduled exams and announcing the results.
  9. Coordinating with relevant bodies, which candidates join for training

Website: http://www.moj.gov.qa

Al Kass Sports Channels

ALKass is a group of Sports television channels established in 2006 and operates under the umbrella of Qatar Media Corporation. Alkass’s eight channels (Free-to-air and encrypted) broadcast across the Middle East and North Africa. AlKass Channels has a range of sports properties; it owns the exclusive media rights of the most important and influential tournaments and cups in the state of Qatar. Alkass is the strategic partner of major sports institutions in Qatar; to name a few: Qatar Olympic Committee, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar Stars League management, Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club and Aspire Academy. ALKass is the sole right holder of the Qatar Stars League, and several local and traditional sports competitions: “Marmi Falcon’s Festival”, “Qalayal”, “Samla” and “Senyar Festival.” Furthermore, AlKass owns the rights of the events organized by with the Asian Football Confederation, Asian Handball Federation and Asian volleyball Confederation in addition to the rights of some significant Arabic football league matches.

Website: http://alkass.net


British Council Qatar

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Established in 1972, the British Council’s office in Qatar is among its one hundred worldwide offices. We have experienced tremendous growth over the last three years across all areas of our work. Our work in English language teaching, examination services and teacher training projects have seen a step change in scale and quality. Our projects with local partners which all include a focus on outreach and capacity building have reached broader audiences of young people. The British Council will continue to be recognised as the leading international educational and cultural relations organisation in Qatar, and will be the partner of choice in: * English language teaching and learning, and the delivery of UK examinations * international arts programmes, cultural management and the creative economy * building higher education partnerships and research links with the UK * internationalising the curriculum and approach to teaching and * learning across education sectors * developing exciting international youth initiatives.

Website: https://www.britishcouncil.qa

Youth Hobbies Center

The Youth Hobbies Center is one of the centers affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which works as a youth club for various youth hobbies. The Youth Hobbies Center started on 20 / 9 / 2015 with a group of hobbies including: 1 – Photography 2 – Collection of stamps and coins 3 – Homing Pigeon Through these hobbies, the center began its inception in 2016 to embrace the young people and their various hobbies and was able, thanks to God, to embrace another group at the request of young people, the most important of which are: 4 – Animation 5 – Electronic Games 6 – Virtual Reality The field is still open to embrace the hobbies that serve the youth sector and through which our youth can show their hobbies and various types of creativity. Vision: To reach more than 10,000 participants within 10 different hobbies over 10 years ((10 x 10 x 10)). Message: We strive to embrace all youthful hobbies within an innovative environment to create a model young citizen. Values: Integrity, Transparency, Honesty, Loyalty, Cooperation, Initiative, Creativity, Community Service Strategic Goals: – To optimize benefiting from time when practicing and developing hobbies and maintain optimal use of resources. – To discover leadership among youth, then prepare and qualify them to take responsibility. – To develop creativity and methods of discovering talents and then motivate their abilities and develop their talents. – To promote the awareness of the society to the needs of the youth and their concerns and ideas, and uphold the value of dialogue. – To consolidate the values and traditions of the Qatari society through the practice of youth hobbies. – To encourage and train the youth and deepen their sense of belonging by practicing their favorite hobbies.

Website: http://www.mcs.gov.qa/

Visual Art Center

Visual Art Center works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Center prepares training plans and technical and cultural activities and continues to activate them in the form of detailed programs that can be implemented and follow-up. The Center also works to raise the level of artistic, as well as the qualification of artistic talent and communication with the community, where the center provides services to all interested in the work of art. Center’s activities and services include: workshops in the fields of arts, including training in the basics of drawing and coloring in various ways, printing in all different methods, ceramic art, calligraphy and design by computer.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/visualart64