June 2024

Al-Dileela – Your Career Navigator

8:00 am - 8:00 pm Online



Drawing on the rich heritage of the Qatari and Gulf cultures, the program derives its name from the Arabic word al-dileela (الدليلة), which signifies a trusted person with an innate understanding of terrains and paths and has the ability to lead others toward their destinations, whether on land or at sea. This name aptly emphasizes Qatar Career Development Center’s (QCDC) commitment to serving as a guide and mentor for youth in Qatar throughout their professional and career development journeys. It also reflects the program’s strategic goal of providing career guidance and counseling to various target groups through seasoned, experienced specialists selected from diverse backgrounds to be able to guide the various categories targeted by the program.

Al-Dileela builds on the success of QCDC’s Virtual Career Advising Sessions (VCAS) held during the COVID-19 pandemic. These sessions garnered widespread interest from various beneficiary groups in Qatar.



Al-Dileela aims to empower young people in Qatar by equipping them with the tools they need to make informed career decisions. Through a series of five consecutive phases, comprising intensive and personalized career counseling sessions, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery, aligning their skills, interests, and aspirations with fulfilling career paths. Led by a select group of experienced career counselors, the program utilizes a systematic approach that caters to each individual’s unique needs, age, and current professional stage. Each session provides tailored guidance to ensure participants gain the most from the program.


Target Audience

The program serves various segments of Qatari citizens and residents, specifically high school students, university students, fresh graduates, and job seekers. This target audience is divided into two categories: individuals undecided about their career path; and those who have chosen a career but are seeking opportunities in the job market.


Program Description

Al-Dileela is divided into five phases comprising specialized and sequential career counseling sessions, each meticulously designed with the information and tools necessary for making well-informed career decisions within a safe and supportive environment.

The program covers a range of topics and stages, providing beneficiaries with a unique opportunity to explore themselves, their interests, and their needs. It also helps in developing a well-structured plan and setting specific goals for career future, focusing on building the necessary skills and competencies to achieve these goals, find a suitable career path, and successfully enter the workforce.


Phases and Topics

Phase 1: Participants assess their skills and competencies. The career counselor analyzes available career paths and the necessary career development skills.

Phase 2: This phase focuses on developing career plans and setting long-term goals.

Phase 3: This phase explores ways to enhance self and professional awareness and understand the job market requirements.

Phase 4: This phase focuses on developing the skills necessary to excel in job interviews and master its techniques.

Phase 5: The last phase helps participants refine personal marketing skills, including building a strong personal brand and leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn. It also covers resume and cover letter writing.


Registration Requirements, Procedure, and Fees

Al-Dileela caters to your busy schedule with a flexible registration process. Book your sessions conveniently through our online system on QCDC’s website. Choose the dates and times that best suit your needs!

To reserve your spot, please complete the following application form and select the time that aligns with your schedule.

Each session incurs a fee of 250 QAR. You will receive an email after registration that redirects you to the payment page. Kindly note that you will only receive a confirmation of successful registration after completing the payment process successfully.

Note: Spots fill up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Us

For more information or further inquiries about Al-Dileela program, please contact us by phone: 44547017, or via email at: qcdc@qf.org.qa.