TV News Broadcaster

TV News Broadcaster

Although usually regarded as a glamorous career, TV news broadcasters are in the serious business of communicating current events and breaking news to local, national, and international audiences.

They are usually required to take on multiple tasks, such as researching, scriptwriting, presenting, and even directing news segments. Being able to work with tight deadlines and irregular hours is also advantageous.

Analytical and investigative skills are important in putting news stories together, as is communication and interpersonal skills to conduct interviews with a wide variety of people. They also need to be able to think on their feet when broadcasting live. Above all is a passion for news.

The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism or mass communications. Degrees in business, economics, and political science can also be helpful in a news broadcasting career. Interning at news stations is highly recommended, as some real-world experience can exponentially increase your chances of getting hired after graduation.



Muhammad Yusuf Al Ansari

TV Broadcaster at Qatar TV

“A TV broadcaster’s job is challenging, yet rewarding. Sometimes I work even while on vacation, and spend long hours at work as preparation for a news bulletin or an interview needs advance planning. But the satisfaction comes when people tell me they love and appreciate the work I do. I feel that since the blockade, people started trusting TV broadcasters more than before. During that time, we focused on reporting the truth, and to show that the siege did not affect the course of matters in the State, and that everything was normal. In my opinion, a TV broadcaster should be humble, especially when he reaches a stage of fame and stardom through achievements and live coverage of programs. They should also be flexible and modest with people, actively interact with them, and be friendly. Those aspiring to become TV broadcasters have to know that this field is not easy. You will have to face stumbling blocks at first, but pitfalls and blunders are the things that will build your media personality over time.”