Failed Interview? Here’s How To Rebuild Your Confidence 



Job interviews are nerve-wrecking no matter how prepared or qualified you are. If your confidence has taken a dent after a bad interview, these pointers will help you restore it. Chin up! 


  1. Reflect 

The first thing you need to do is to reflect on what went well. Avoid concentrating on the negatives. It is important to focus on what went right, so that you can see the negatives in a more positive light. After reflecting on the positives, jot down what didn’t go so well. Then look at the overall experience from an outsider’s perspective. 


  1. Learn 

Mistakes are human nature, so don’t stress about what went wrong in your interview. Focus instead on how you can better prepare for your next interview. Analyze the mistakes you listed down, and come up with ways on how you would handle them next time. Preparing yourself will empower you for your next interview. 


  1. MoveOn 

Wallowing in self-pity and denying yourself the chance to further interviews is not the best way to handle rejection. Don’t let these feelings hold you back, and don’t waste time wondering if you’ll get the job. What’s better is to contact the interviewer for feedback. 


  1. Get Feedback 

Calling your interviewer to ask for feedback is a professional move. This shows initiative on your part. Acknowledge your mistakes and ask why you were unsuccessful. Get feedback on what areas you should work on. This can give you great insight for future interviews. Remember not to burn your bridges, so remain professional. You might end up applying for another role at the company one day.  


  1. PracticeYour Response 

Practice answering some interview questions in front of the mirror. This will give you an idea of what the interviewer sees during a job interview, and if need be, you can improve the professional image you project. If you don’t look enthusiastic enough or if you have an expressionless face when answering questions, work on your body language. These things can come across negatively. Remember that actions speak louder than words. 


  1. Don’t Stop

Keep looking for jobs and keep applying for vacancies in your field. Persistence pays, because the more interviews you go for, the more confident you’ll become. Keep your head in the game and don’t give up! 


  1. Exercise

Physical activity in any form boosts confidence. Exercise will clear your head and break the chain of negative thoughts, especially if you keep cringing about your interview mistakes over and over again. When you exerciseyour body releases endorphins that relieve stress and make you feel good. So put on your exercise gear and spend an hour a day getting your heartbeat up.