Medicine: Dr Budoor Alshmary 


Dr Budoor Alshmary 


Hamad Medical Hospital




A desire to help other people is the cornerstone for anyone wanting to become a doctor. 


Mix in a curious nature, a caring attitude and a love for learning and you may just be suited for a life as a doctor. 

If you want to follow a career path in medicine, you should like to help people. That’s a given. However, getting into medical school is a very difficult task, and requires a big commitment to studying. 

Becoming a doctor requires more training than most other jobs, but similarly to other careers, there is a host of fields you can specialize in.  

Qualifying as a doctor in any field is only part of the challenge, though, as one should know how to talk to people who are sick or distressed. Doctors should also possess key decision making skills and be able to think on their feet during an emergency. 


“Being hard working is the key to success. However, it is also important to be up to date with the latest industry practices. Loving your job and staying patient will see you have a long and successful career.  

To be professional is a trait that’s highly valued in the workforce. It has many attributes, including specialized knowledge, competency, honesty and integrity, respect, accountability, self regulation and image.”