Make an Impact Online



Personal branding has become increasingly important as social media networks continue to expand. Simply put, your personal brand is all about your reputation and especially how other people see you online. When you send a recruiter your CV, one of the first things they will do is an online search to find out a little more information about you. So how do you make sure you are representing yourself as well as you can?


Consider what messages you are sending out and what they reflect. Google yourself. Have a look at your presence on not just work-related platforms like LinkedIn, but across all public social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Do you come across as a positive person? Are your interests represented? For example, if you want a career in science, are you a member of related groups?


It is important to make sure that your profiles across various platforms match up. Write one short, snappy biography and adapt it, rather than having different bios on different sites.


You don’t have to be present on every new network. However, if you are online, be active – check in regularly to develop your network, join groups, and share content.


Oversharing is one of the most damaging ways to harm your brand online. If the news is something just you and your closest friends need to know, share only in a closed platform like WhatsApp or Snapchat

Social Media Branding Tips

  • If you are online be active.
  • Consider your social media from a recruiter point of view.
  • Don’t overshare.
  • Use keywords in bios and hashtags.
  • Follow leaders in your field.
  • Join professional groups.
  • Use good quality photos, blogs, and videos.
  • Build a consistent profile.
  • Be positive in your message.
  • Support other people by sharing relative content.