Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

Academic advisors are professionals who assist students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plans that are compatible with a student’s life goals, taking into account their strengths and interests, in relation to their aspirations.

They also help students examine school programs, select a major, and follow through and track their advancement, while providing support where needed. They also work closely with professors and other school or university administrators to stay up-to-date on program changes.

In addition to advising students, academic advisors also guide parents in planning and making informed decisions for their child’s education and career pathways.

Aspiring academic advisors should have an education-related bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree related to educational counseling.

Ms Khadija

Academic Advisor

Al Ghuwairia Girls School

I came upon this profession by accident, as I wanted an administrative job that would help me complete my postgraduate studies. However, over time, I’ve come to love this job and it has become my passion as it now gives me so much joy to see students achieving their dreams. An academic advisor needs to be able to understand each student’s unique wishes and interests, and should help them reach what they aspire for. It is especially important to be able to offer encouragement and support to students to bring out the best in them. If I went back in time, I would definitely make the same career choice, because I have realized the importance of this profession in helping students; and my happiness is indescribable when I notice happiness in the eyes of students as they achieve their goals or progress greatly in their academic and practical life.”