Engineering: Mohammed Al Delaimi 




Mohammed Abdulaziz Mubarak Al Delaimi 

Satellite Project Director 

Qatar Satellite Company, Es’hailSat 



Engineering can be a broad and diverse field to go into, as it offers up a wide range of sectors to specialize in. 


If you have a passionate interest in mathematics, science or even telecommunications, you can apply those skills into a successful engineering career. 

While math and science are the groundwork for any branch of engineering there are many routes into becoming a qualified engineer. Your career professional can help you focus on what path you want to take in order to become an accredited professional. In an ever-changing environment, an engineer never stops learning, and personal development is a by-product of a success career. 

With so many choices, it’s easy to see why engineers are so in demand. A successful career in engineering can open the doors to worldwide placement and unlimited growth opportunities. 


You need to be curious and willing to explore new fields. You should be at eam player but also self-driven, motivated and focused. 

You should believe in yourself and believe that you can achieve your goals…there are also times when you need to get serious and focus on what matters most.