Do You Spend More Time at Home?

Use It to Develop Your Career

If you are a school student, COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected your life in many ways. You had to attend classes remotely, spend more time at home, avoid gatherings, and adhere to the preventive measures in public places. It must have been no fun at all! But look on the bright side: millions of students worldwide faced the same challenges, but were not lucky enough even to complete the academic year due to lack of the technological infrastructure needed for distance learning.

This academic year will be slightly different for you, as the restrictions are gradually eased in Qatar. Under the newly adopted blended learning system that mixes online and classroom learning, you may return to some classes at school. Still, you will probably continue to spend a longer-than-usual time at home — at least until the introduction of an effective vaccination against the virus.

Staying at home may be frustrating and inviting laziness, but again, you have to think positive. Now, you have more time to do useful things for your life. Contemplate investing it in developing your skills and planning for your career. The best time ever to do this is NOW! Here are some ideas that you can apply.


Explore Career Options

Think of the following questions: What subjects do you like and excel at? What are the careers associated with each? Do such careers match your capacities and ambitions? What academic tracks should you pursue to work in those careers? Is there any future for the professions associated with those careers in the labor market? What are the financial incentives associated with them? What are the main tasks carried out by those who work in such professions? Where do they work? What are the challenges they face?

While staying at home, you can get answers to these questions and create a clearer picture of each career by using one of the following ways:

  • Searching the Internet.
  • Attending online events by different institutions.
  • Reading the biographies of successful figures in the same specializations.
  • Approaching persons who work in the same specializations for advice.


Learn About Academic Tracks

Search for universities that offer your preferred programs. Navigate their websites and contact them to know about the details of their programs, admission requirements, chances of getting a scholarship, and the expertise of the university’s faculty.


Get Career Consultation

Contact the academic advisor at your school, or any trusted career advisor, to discuss your interests and ambitions. Ask them to help you answer the questions we mentioned earlier. Let them tell you about the careers that may match your capabilities, as well as the academic tracks leading to them. Also, ask them about any available tests to evaluate your personal characteristics and career interests.


Focus on Your Weaknesses

If you find difficulty studying particular subjects, utilize your time at home to focus on improving your proficiency in them. Never think it is impossible to develop yourself in any subject, however difficult it is. Seek help from the subject’s teacher, and work harder to understand it better.


Enhance Your Skills

Assess your skills. What are the skills that you need to develop? Do you lack some of the skills required in the job market? The Internet is packed with sources that will enable you to develop your skills or even acquire new ones. Those sources vary from videos and articles to open online courses; many are available for free. Choose what works for you and start learning.


Try out a New Hobby

There are many hobbies that you can learn online at home. Who knows? Maybe one hobby ushers in a successful career in a field that you have never considered.

Choose a hobby that refines your creative abilities, such as painting, music, handicrafts, gardening, cooking, or embroidery. Of course, it depends on your preferences and interests. Why not try a digital creative hobby like design, programing, or building electrical circuits? Technology is the future!



Try to make reading a daily habit, even if you read only a few pages of a book. It is an excellent way to expand your knowledge. The more you read in different areas, the more you broaden your mind and become a better thinker.

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