Art: Amal Al-Aathem


Amal Abdulla Al-Aathem

Qatari Artist 




If you’ve always had an affinity for colors, shapes and design, and if you’re generally quite a creative and self-expressive individual, then being an artist is a fantastic career choice for you. 


The field of art is diverse and can range from anything from painting to sculpting and photography. Completing an art degree might not be mandatory, but because the field is highly competitive, a degree program will offer you many advantages while helping you expand your skills and create a portfolio of your work – which you may need to show potential clients and employers. 


Being an artist doesn’t happen overnight. It requires skills, practice and discipline. Most artists specialize in one medium, and focus on mastering it – whether it is interior design, graphic design, woodworking or drawing. Through practice and experimentation, one can decide which medium is most enjoyable and expressive. 


Besides being an independent artist, an art degree can take you from being a museum curator, a teacher, an exhibition designer or a gallery manager and illustrator. 


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Art is for people who are passionate, ambitious, brave and who are fighters – because not everyone will approve, like or even understand the art or message conveyed in your artwork. To be a good artist, you first need to build and expand your knowledge about the world and that which surrounds you. Building your personality and developing a ‘voice’ will enable you to decide on the message that you want to convey through your work. 

Besides an academic background, you will need to continuously open yourself up to workshops offered by other artists in order to help you create work that is uniquely yours. Art is not just about colors. It is about the message you want to convey to your audience. As an artist, you are an ambassador of your family, society and country, so it’s important to stay true to yourself. 

I love that my artwork resembles me and that it is closely linked to my personality and the messages that I want to convey. I appreciate that people recognize my work even without a signature, and that they are accepting of my work, which is a deep reflection of my thoughts.”