10 Tips for a better ‘work from home’ experience

  1. Maintain your daily morning routine as if you were heading to work. If you are used to having a cup of coffee, reading the daily newspaper, or listening to a specific radio station on your way to the office, keep doing this at home.
  2. Get dressed! Yes, get out of your nightwear so that you are no longer inclined to get back into bed.
  3. Set aside specific working hours daily and avoid doing household chores during these hours.
  4. Establish a dedicated workspace. Avoid distractions and make it clear to your family members that you need to focus during work hours, and that they should not interrupt you except in cases of emergency.
  5. Keep your workspace clean and tidy. This will help boost your productivity and raise your morale.
  6. Make a list of your daily tasks and set a time to complete each one. Place this list where you can see it clearly.
  7. Make a weekly plan of what you want to achieve and review it frequently. Seeing the big picture and focusing on the main goal that you want to achieve will motivate and energize you.
  8. Communicate with your co-workers on a regular basis during working hours.
  9. Do not forget to take your lunch break. It is a good opportunity to share a meal with your family. The break will help you regain your focus to continue with your workday.
  10. Do not ignore exercise. Simple home exercises will energize your body and improve your mental state.