For more than a decade Qatar’s leadership has invested great efforts in transforming the country into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development by 2030. Research suggests that the four pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030, addressing economic, social, human, and environmental development goals, are interrelated through the value that career guidance and development injects at both strategic and tactical levels. This impact enables stakeholders to respond to present and future challenges.

Career guidance is also known by other terms such as ‘career development’, ‘workforce development’, ‘professional orientation’, vocational guidance and counseling’, ‘lifelong guidance’, or ‘livelihood planning’ in different countries.

Career guidance is delivered face-to-face, at distance or in a blended mode. Career Guidance includes a wide range of activities to support citizens in making educational and employment decisions, and to manage their careers. This includes one-to-one consultation, group communications, experiential learning, and timely access to information on working life training and employment opportunities.