Feb 05, 2018



Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has successfully completed the fourth edition of its Winter Career Camp with a closing ceremony at the Education City Student Center. During the event, participating students were awarded certificates of completion in the presence of their parents, along with press and community members.

The week-long camp provided an integrated educational and recreational experience for secondary school students, who learned many life and practical skills.

Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, QCDC, said: “Our Winter Career Camp is designed with a very simple, yet effective, approach: young participants are given the opportunity to reflect and learn about their abilities, skills, and professional preferences in a simple, enjoyable, and uncomplicated way, with the aim of choosing the career that best suits their talents.”

Al-Mansoori also added that “the camp is in line with the various events and activities held by QCDC, with the aim to instill the basics of a strong career culture in our society and spread awareness about how important it is to create a better future for young people and the country as a whole.”

During the camp, students visited institutions operating across various fields including tourism, transportation, culture, and media; as they listened to specialists in these fields and gained first-hand knowledge about the nature of the professions available in these institutions and a realistic understanding of professional life.

The students began the camp with a visit to QF Headquarters and were introduced to the Qatar National Library, Education City, and QF’s partner universities. On the second day, students went to Katara to learn about its cultural centers, and also visited Sawt Al Khaleej radio station, the Visual Art Center, the Youth Hobbies Center, and Brooq Magazine. Northwestern University in Qatar also hosted the participants at its studio in Katara, where they participated in a live demonstration for TV presentation, and were introduced to various specialties within the media industry.

On the third day, Qatar Tourism Authority introduced the students to the field of tourism and the professions available to them, with a site visit to a hotel to learn about hospitality. Following this, the students went to the Qatar Railways Company, commonly known as Qatar Rail, and learned about careers in the field of transport and public transportation. On the fourth day, students went to Qatar Airways, where a group of aviation specialists introduced them to aviation and the Cadet Pilot Programme. The students then conducted live demonstrations for taking off and landing in a flight simulator.

The final day of the camp included an introductory session about universities in Qatar, such as Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar University, Community College of Qatar, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, Stenden University Qatar, among others. Representatives of these universities provided students with an overview of their academic programs and admission requirements, which will help students to make informed academic decisions and prepare for university life.

“My goal was to gain diverse experiences and learn about the various disciplines and career options available to me. Through the visits we made during the camp and the various live demonstrations we participated in, such as the exercise at the radio station, I managed to overcome my fear of public speaking. I enjoyed this experience a lot,” said Khadija Ali Al Khayat, a participant in the Winter Career Camp 2018.

Students also participated in various educational career activities, programs, and interactive training workshops to increase their awareness about the importance of academic and professional planning for their future. The activities and workshops were designed to provide students with a range of useful practical skills, enhance their self-confidence, and instill entrepreneurship, perseverance, and teamwork.

On the closing day, the students attended a workshop titled ‘The Role of Parents in Guiding their Children’s Career Paths’, where they explored how parents influence their children’s decision-making and the importance of introducing the concepts of career guidance to families. The workshop also examined the Career Decision-Making Paradigm, which is a practical tool and a mental probing exercise that aims to assist individuals, particularly young people, in identifying suitable academic and career paths.