QCDC Celebrates Entrepreneurs with Learning Difficulties at “EmpowerAbility” Exhibition

QCDC Celebrates Entrepreneurs with Learning Difficulties at

“EmpowerAbility” Exhibition

Closing Ceremony for Entrepreneurship Track Ends on A High Note



Doha, Qatar – 25 May 2024 – Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), founded by Qatar Foundation (QF), held a closing ceremony on Saturday to honor participants and partner institutions of the second phase of its pioneering “EmpowerAbility” program. This phase aimed to educate participants with learning difficulties on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, financial planning, marketing, and project presentation, in collaboration with specialized institutions and successful entrepreneurs.

Over three weeks, 17 participants received training through a series of workshops, interactive educational activities, and career guidance sessions. The program culminated in a closing ceremony and exhibition where participants showcased their business ideas developed under the guidance of experts from over 15 institutions.

QCDC’s Director Abdulla A. Al-Mansoori emphasized the profound and lasting impact of the “EmpowerAbility” program, stating: “At QCDC, we believe entrepreneurship is a key indicator of economic health and growth. Integrating individuals with learning difficulties into economic development necessitates empowering them to explore entrepreneurship. We are immensely proud of the participants’ achievements in this phase of the program.”

Al-Mansoori added, “Empowerment is not just about individual transformation; it aims for societal change and building bridges that provide everyone with the opportunity to thrive and succeed. We thank our partners for making this opportunity possible and look forward to continuing and developing this initiative with our dedicated partners.”



Hussein Yousef Abdul Ghani, Director of the Administrative and Finance Department at Qatar Chamber, emphasized the importance of the “EmpowerAbility” program in introducing people with learning difficulties to the world of entrepreneurship. He stated: “I extend my gratitude to QCDC, Young Entrepreneurs Club, and everyone involved in and contributing to this initiative for their commendable efforts.”

He added: “Qatar Chamber is always keen on promoting entrepreneurship for its significance in the growth of the national economy, and this program directly contributes to achieving this strategic goal. We are proud of Qatar Chamber’s role in fostering creativity and empowering ambition through our participation in the program. We will continue to collaborate and coordinate with all parties to support young entrepreneurs in their future endeavors.”



Dr. Ibrahim Khalid Al-Sulaiti, President of the Young Entrepreneurs Club, emphasized the alignment of the “EmpowerAbility” program with the inclusive values of Qatar National Vision 2030, stating: “Our collaborative efforts with QCDC, Qatar Chamber, and all other partners and stakeholders represents a significant step towards providing opportunities for everyone without exception, and towards integrating individuals with learning difficulties into society. We consider this effort more than an ethical commitment; it is an investment in the inclusive and sustainable future of Qatar. We all aspire to provide even more opportunities for this group to contribute effectively to building their nation, and the ‘EmpowerAbility’ program is the beginning of our journey in this endeavor.”

The closing ceremony featured an accompanying exhibition where participants presented their business ideas to a panel of judges specializing in entrepreneurship. After evaluation, QCDC honored the top three participants for their outstanding efforts and innovative ideas.

Partner institutions included the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Sports and Youth, Qatar Manpower Solutions Company “Jusour,” Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Young Entrepreneurs Club, Qatari Women’s Association for Economic and Investment Awareness, and Rowwad Business Solutions, among other supporting stakeholders.

Designed to foster inclusive employment and cultivate essential employability skills, “EmpowerAbility” trained participants in essential transferable employability skills through two integrated tracks: engaging them in organizing and executing various national day activations to gain vital skills like communication and teamwork; and equipping them with different entrepreneurial skills while guiding them through their initial steps.

The program signifies QCDC’s commitment to the principles of inclusive employment and accessible career development. Feedback gathered from participants and their families will inform future iterations of the program, ensuring that it continues to empower individuals with learning difficulties to achieve their goals.