20 Dec 2020

National Service Academy Recruits Participate in QCDC Career Advising Program

 National Service Academy Recruits Participate in QCDC Career Advising Program

QF members helps 239 recruits explore possible career options

Qatar Career Development Center recently hosted the National Service Academy as part of its Career Advising System program, with the 239 recruits taking assessments to help identify interests, skills, and possible career paths.

The recruits underwent two types of assessments with Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation – Kuder Career Interests Assessment and Super’s Work Values Inventory – designed to help young people identify their professional interests and potential before receiving a list of possible career choices.

Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, QCDC, said: “This cooperation is an extension of QCDC’s path toward enhancing and activating youths’ role in building the nation. As the academy recruits are going through a transitional stage in their academic and professional lives, it is important to provide them with the means to make sound career decisions after graduation.

“We are certain that the National Service Academy’s cooperation with specialized centers such as our own will contribute to the recruits’ professional development process, and help to better create Qatari youths capable of advancing our country at the levels of security, development, and all other areas.”

First Lieutenant Jassim Muhammad Al-Jaber, Public Relations Director at the National Service Academy, Miqdam Camp, stated: “Despite the health emergency this year, we have been keen to maintain our cooperation with QCDC by conducting Career Advising System assessments for our recruits, while applying all precautionary measures and procedures.

“We value this cooperation as it helps our recruits choose the career paths they can pursue in the future. The National Service Academy believes in the importance of concerting the efforts of civil and military institutions to rear capable and effective Qatari youths, who can contribute to the growth of our nation.”

QCDC’s Career Advising System is a unique career advising and planning system aligned with the socioeconomic system in Qatar, and was created in cooperation with Kuder. Inc. –  a world leader in career planning services.

The Career Advising System contains psychometric and personality assessment tools, as well as six innovative and diverse modules that cover all areas related to proper career planning, including identifying personal capabilities, exploring professions, planning educational and work paths, and explaining how to search for the right profession. The system also allows students’ parents or academic advisors to view the results, so that they can help the young people make appropriate decisions.

Based on the results of the assessments taken by the recruits, a subsequent counseling session was held with a group of top QCDC professionals in the field of career advising and guidance. The session featured a thorough analysis and consideration of the results designed to help recruits determine the academic and career paths most appropriate for them upon finishing their service, and which align with the country’s future needs.