13 Jan 2020

Launch of Career Readiness Program


Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has launched its Career Readiness Program for this year in partnership with Awsaj Academy.






The program aims to enhance the delivery of career guidance services to students with mild to moderate learning challenges by drawing on international expertise and adapting the best international career guidance models into the local context.


This year, the program featured the introduction of project-based learning activities that have been integrated in the school’s curriculum. Activities included workshops, motivational talks, field trips, volunteering opportunities, and social responsibility projects.


Students in their last year of studies participated in training activities and had the opportunity to apply the professional skills they have acquired.

This week’s activities featured the participation of Awsaj students in a QCDC-led workshop on the work environment and relationships among co-workers.


QCDC also provided practical training to empower and equip participating students with the required skills and tools to join the labor market. As part of this week’s program activities, participants took part in a field trip to Al Sulaiteen Agricultural Complex.