30 June 2019

QCDC Participates in 9th International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy



Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation, has participated in the 9th edition of the International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy. The symposium brought together policy makers, career counsellors, researchers, and professionals to discuss global efforts to promote career development.

The three-day symposium, which was organized by the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) and Skills Norway, Ministry of Education and Research, Norway, took place in Tromso. Held under the title of ‘Leading career development services into an uncertain future: Ensuring access, integration and innovation,’ it was inaugurated by Tom Erlend Skaug, State Secretary from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

The symposium brought together delegations from 34 countries. Participants explored changes in how individuals are pursuing careers across the world, and how governments are providing career development help and integrating various forms of support within wider policy aims.

Each delegation produced a paper outlining key issues for their countries in relation to the conference’s four themes: ‘The Context and Challenges for Career Development Policy’; ‘The Aims for, and Access to, Career Development’; ‘The Integration of Career Development into Wider Society’; and ‘Leading Innovative Change for the Future.’

QCDC was represented by Mr. Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Director, and Dr. Tajalsir Kardaman, Career Programs and Services Manager. During the conference, QCDC presented a paper showcasing the center’s efforts in contributing to the development and implementation of a well-integrated and cross-sector career development policy that links the needs and aspirations of Qatari professionals, among various other topics.

Commenting on QCDC’s participation in the conference, Mr. Al-Mansoori emphasized the importance of engaging with delegates from other countries to explore the future of global career development and exchange knowledge and expertise.

“Through our participation in such an event, we hope to expand our knowledge and align what we learned with Qatar’s policy aims, ultimately contributing to the development of high-quality human capital to assist Qatar in its transition toward a diversified economy,” Mr. Al Mansoori said.



Mr. Al-Mansoori and Dr. Kardaman also attended panel discussions with representatives from five leading international organizations. These included the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; the Education and Training Foundation; the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training; the European Commission; and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Discussions focused on how Nordic countries, including Norway, are working to promote lifelong career guidance.

QCDC’s participation in the ICCDPP symposium followed its involvement, for the second consecutive year, in the Asia Pacific Career Development Association’s (APCDA) conference – an international forum for sharing career development ideas and expertise in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2019 APCDA annual conference, titled ‘Navigating Career Development in the Age of Industry 4.0,’ was hosted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.