Career Advisor Mentoring Program

The Career Advisor Mentoring Program allows budding practitioners to gain practical experience delivering career guidance under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. The program is under the umbrella program of the Virtual Career Advising Sessions, a program which provides career guidance to the youth in Qatar.

This program is intended to enhance the capacity of Qatar-based practitioners seeking to upskill themselves and strengthen their abilities in the field of career guidance through a structured and practical mentoring program. Experienced practitioners are encouraged to apply to be a mentor to guide and support the mentees.

Participants in the mentoring program are eligible to deliver virtual career advising sessions through a platform where students can book a one-on-one, 45-minute career advising session. These sessions allow the student to gain expert guidance from an advisor about how best to maximize their career potential.




Program Benefits

Benefits for Mentees:


  • Enhancing your ability to provide effective career development support to students.
  • Joining a support group that provides you with personal and career support.
  • Further promoting, optimizing, and increasing the use and understanding of career guidance and development.
  • Providing ongoing professional development and individual support and guidance from a practitioner.


Benefits for Mentors:

  • Enhancing your leadership skills.
  • Giving you a sense of fulfillment and growth through supporting others.
  • Reinforcing your own knowledge and expertise of career development.


How the Program Works

The program runs for one full academic year, from September until May. Both mentors and mentees are expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Monthly group mentoring meetings.
  • Monthly individual mentoring meetings.
  • Virtual Career Advising Sessions
    Participants should expect to devote a minimum of 1-2  hours weekly for this program, and are encouraged to engage beyond this minimum expectation as schedules allow.


Applying to the Program

If you’re interested in serving as a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Expression of Interest Form through this link: Click Here

If you would like to join as a mentee, please fill out the Mentee Expression of Interest Form through this link: Click Here